20-year old / Beatport's Top 10

When a 20-year old, relatively new-to-the-scene DJ produces tracks that shoot straight for the head of Beatport’s Top 10, we’re intrigued (to say the least). When big names like David Guetta, Lazy Rich and Chuckie meld this artist’s fresh sounds into their own sets, our ears can’t help but perk a little more. And when we hear downright dynamite beats emanating from his tracks–like the wonderfully unconventional “Ah Yeah” or the remix of Stafford Brothers’ “Hello” (featuring Lil Wayne & Christina Milan)–we’re pretty much hooked.

The artist is Australian native Will Sparks, and he’s been taking the EDM scene by storm from the moment he stepped into it. In fact, you could call him the focal point of the “Melbourne sound” movement–which, as Sparks himself describes it, is characterized by a “psy-trance” structure with electro bass lines, dubby rhythms and Dutch-y sounds. Taking in his description, we can’t help but favorite that term: Dutch-y (who doesn’t love something Dutch?) Yet Sparks asserts that despite his own take on the genre, “so much can go into a track that’s still Melbourne”–using his current projects comprised of bounce-breaks, vocals and (at times) progressive house as mere examples of the style’s vast possibilities. Even so, we think this guy’s got a knack for it–whatever form “it” may take when left up to his talents. On second thought, scratch the ‘we think’ part. We know a good thing when we hear it–and it’s coming to Avaland on 9/21, ready to fill you to the core.

Avaland–Will Sparks / Dzeko & Torres / DBERRIE–9/21/13