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  • Midas M32
    This 32 input 16 output console comes with the venue as standard equipment. There is a wireless router for complete remote control (with appropriate app) via phone or tablet. Our standard set up, using this console, can independently control all house speaker zones including the concert and club systems plus up to 6 monitor mixes. This console can be used at Front of House or on stage and is normally set stage right.
  • Avid Venue SC48
    This console is available for Live Music when separate FOH and MON consoles are needed.


  • EAW flown line array – KF760 (2 per side) KF 761 (4 per side)
  • 6 x EAW AVALON series
  • Delayed balcony fill’s – 2 x flown EAW DC1’s
  • Front fill’s – 2 x Martin Audio WT2’s


  • Both house consoles have 16 outputs for IEM’s or floor wedges
  • 4 x Martin LE 700 bi-amped wedges
  • 1 x Martin LE12j (cue wedge)


  • 48 ch. send
  • 8 ch. return
  • 2 way split


  • Complete package of mics, stands, direct boxes and cables including two Shure wireless hand held vocal mics (SM58).


  • Large inventory of Steeldeck in various sizes
  • 1′, 18″, 2′, 3′ & 4′ size legs (riser height)


  • 6 x 30 amp audio only circuits on stage (Edison)
  • 400 amp 3 phase disconnect (Cam-Lok) off stage left


Download our Lighting Plot

  • Lighting desks available are GrandMA2 on PC (with Command and Fader Wing) and ShowCAD Artist.
  • DMX Network using Pathport Nodes allowing Artnet/Pathport/sACN Compatibility.
  • Control Booth is located at the rear of the Balcony, Visiting LD’s may bring their own desk.
  • Additional Lighting network connectivity available at the front of the balcony, FOH and at the stage.
  • Additional DMX outputs available behind control booth, stage and in Fly Gallery.
  • 2 Follow Spots are available – please notify in advance if they are required (additional cost).
  • Accommodations can be made for extra lighting equipment.
  • Visiting companies are responsible for any damage that may occur during usage.
  • Please see current Lighting Plot for fixture inventory.
  • Fixture type and quantity are subject to change.

Download our Video Plot


The main room has 4 fixed screens on both the left and right walls (1-4 & 10-13), each side being part of a mapped output as shown in the pixel map.

There are 5 fixed screens over the Stage, the main screen (7) and the two pairs of wings (5,9 & 6,8) can be independently flown in/out. The wings are included in their corresponding sides wall video output as shown in the pixel map. The main screen resolution 4k (3840*2160) usable.

There is one portable screen (14) that is used within the dynamic stage package, configuration of this screen is subject to change.

Please refer to the LED pixel map for screen locations, detailed resolutions and mapping for content creation. Screen size can be determined by multiplying the pixel count by the pitch (mm).

All the video in the main room is mapped onto 3 separate outputs, The main Led screen (7) is fed by an independent 4k output from our servers. The remaining screens are fed via two 1080p (1920×1080) Outputs from our servers, split for the left and right sides from the main screen. Screens 1-6 & 14 are fed from the left side, Screens 8-13 are fed from the right side.

HDMI or DVI can be accepted directly to the three detailed Outputs at the mentioned resolutions, please refer to the pixel map for screen positions within those outputs.

House Video control consists of 2 Video servers (Primary/Backup) running Resolume 6/7. The room is mapped over a single 7680*2160 space. A single image/video can be displayed over the entire video space. Also Multiple Videos/Images can be displayed at any location, at any size/scale. Servers can accept 2* DVI/HDMI (1080p) and a single SDI (1080p) input and can be positioned and scaled anywhere within the video map. Servers also have an additional SDI (1080p) output that can send any portion of the map as desired/needed.

The preferred content formats are, DXV3 Codec in a .MOV container. Codec is available for free at This is the proprietary codec for Resolume, but any full frame codec like Apple ProRes, Mjpeg work fine also. For Images, PNG is preferred to preserve Alpha layers.

Any other format can mostly be converted in House if needed but please consider the time required to do so, and that results may vary!


The lobby has a Single 2048*768 @ 2.5mm pitch LED Screen located at the Entrance.

There are Three Exterior Marquee displays, each being 384*640 @ 2.5mm pitch.

On the Front Exterior there are three screens, Center screen is 320*320, sides 160*320, all at 6mm pitch.

All these screens are connected to a Resolume Server, subject to the same specs/requirements for content mentioned above.

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