Get To Know Them: Funkagenda

WOW WTF LA is a group of Los Angeles electronic music artists who describe themselves as a music collective of electronic music DJs and industry professionals dedicated to bringing you anything but electronic music.”

As Dancing Astronaut explains, one of the most striking tracks to emerge from the group is from Adam Walder, better known as Funkagenda. He’ll be performing an undoubtebly unique and fresh set at Avalon this Friday.

time is still on your side to choose your team wisely

We’re about two weeks shy of the ever-so-famed Valentine’s Day. And if past trends act out true to their ways, you’re likely to find yourself in one of three categories: those who are currently racking their brains for the ultimate V-Day plans (this year must outdo the last!); those avoiding the whole shebang like the plague (we know you exist, shacking up indoors and hiding under the covers from the 13th to the 15th); and those who are basically oblivious to it all, not a worry stirred by the day’s approach – until, of course, reprimands from the significant other (who never forgets anything, especially not Valentine’s Day) surface. But not to fret, lovers. Cupid isn’t in town just yet, which means time is still on your side to choose your team wisely. Until then, we advise you to get your dance on. Maybe you need a break from all that brain racking and V-Day planning? Get out and dance. Perhaps you require a weekend out before you lock your doors and pull your shades to the couples of the world? That’s right people: just dance. With V-Day just around the corner (and with the potentials of loving mayhem looming close), it’s one thing that makes perfect sense – and you know it.

Manuel De La Mare / Sydney Blu – Avaland – 2/2/13