there’s no looking back

Mondays may be silent and Tuesdays, too, don’t make a peep. But come Wednesdays, and there’s always that happy hint of hope treading on the horizon (it’s not called ‘hump day’ for nothing, after all). Thursdays are always good at cheering you on (can’t you always just hear it saying: “You’re almost there!”) And Fridays? Well, once you’ve made it to Friday, there’s no looking back. Because it’s the weekend baby – and if there’s one thing a weekend is good for, it’s making that long week’s wait worth your while.

This weekend, Avalon welcomes Chicago house icon Bad Boy Bill, for what’s sure to be one of his trademark stellar sets. Ranked numerous times as “America’s Favorite House DJ” by BPM Magazine, Bill electrifies his crowds with house and electro beats laced with legendary scratching, a cappella, and turntable tricks. He’s a talent not to be missed, and he’s on set all night at Avaland this Saturday. Now that’s what you call a week’s wait worth your while.

Bad Boy Bill – Avaland – 2/9/13